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Web & Mail Marketing in Sicily, Catania

SEO - SEM - DEM - Positioning Web sites, consulting, management and reporting of web marketing campaigns.

"Search Engine Optimization", SEO,

Among the main objectives of the search marketing may be listed as:

  • Benchmarking online - Study of the competitive search engine optimization (both in terms of saturation of the channel quality in terms of messages / information contained herein)
  • Online branding - Increase brand awareness through the presidium of the results of search engines
  • Brand monitoring - Monitoring of sentiment in the results of search engines
  • Database building - Buiding of a database to start taking advantage of additional marketing channel engine as a gateway to the promotional
  • Lead generation - Generating lists of highly-qualified and motivated to buy from the results of the engines
  • Direct Sales - (E-commerce) through the search engines and price comparators (vertical motors)
  • Online customer support

SEO Catania

Social Marketing

Social Marketing


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